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                        RFTL NPO & PBO


Requiem for the Living has given its name to a non-profit organisation of the same name, abbreviated to RFTL NPO. 

(registered as a company in 2006, and a non-profit in 2010),    082-185-NPO

RFTL NPO achieved PBO (Public Benefit Organisation, number 930059919) tax exemption status in 2018, and has received support from the UK based charity, Goldman Sachs Gives, MTN (Mobile Telephone Networks), Nedbank, Deloitte&Touche, the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund, the National Arts Council and the National Film and Video Foundation of South Africa. 


The main portfolios of RFTL NPO are in Education, Environment and Health. These portfolios reflect several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 


The 2024 RFTL Business Canvas Plan detailing the environmental education products of The Rainbow's Child , can be accessed at

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