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The initial beneficiary of RFTL is a replicatable,

prototype garden, called the       

      Siyakhana Food Garden Permaculture Project.         

This is originally a University  of Witwatersrand Health Department Initiative, now an independent co-op which is educational and entrepreneurial, supporting the needy in the inner city of Johannesburg. 

The main purpose of Siyakhana is to address the needs of 

food-insecure children and adults

living with HIV/AIDS.

Click  here : to open Siyakhana Presentation

Click here : to open Siyakhana Brief

The Rainbow's Child  Rainbow Warriors 

free downloadable gamebook at     
 is available to children       


DesignArt Olympics  on the same  website, is an online mask-making competition for secondary pupils featuring a renewed look at recycling.

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