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Requiem for the Living is a musical composition inspired by the plight

       of children orphaned by AIDS. This work was conceived as an exercise in compassion and written over a period of five years as a personal

response to human misery by composer Dr Rexleigh Bunyard. 


           Its purpose is to draw attention to the suffering of all children who are victims           of abuse, neglect and tragic illness caused by adults in our society, and motivate creative solutions to suffering from the broader community.






Requiem for the Living gives identity to an NPO (RFTL)  formed to raise

                public awareness and funds for the disadvantaged. The vision and mission                  of this company is to encourage a more compassionate and hopeful society.

      Requiem for the Living aims to bring together communities of the privileged and 

       needy through concert performances to raise awareness of the desperate needs of

                AIDS orphans/families affected by AIDS, and to develop a network of people

to raise funds for their support.




               Lost in a Bluebell Wood, The Rainbow's Child and Namaste are 

musico-dramatic/dance works with a variety of derivative virtual   

formats devised for maximum appeal and portability.

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