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The text of REQUIEM FOR THE LIVING is arranged in the following sections:


LIBERA ME : A prayer for release from human limitations with an internal musical mirror symbolising inward reflections.


NONCREDO : Not to proclaim disbelief, but to convey the result of disbelief in love and the belief in fear – rigidity and hell on earth.


CRUCIFIXUS : A vision of a loveless world and our part in it.


DIES IRAE : Wrath and despair in a harshly diabolical dance.


LACRYMOSA/KYRIE ELEISON : Tears falling like rain and a prayer for forgiveness.



A vision of hope and celebration of life.

In the Sanctus 1 and 2, psalm texts are declaimed in South African languages and Hebrew, by Zulu and other praise singers/poets. Creeping, swimming and flying creatures are instrumentally represented.


IN PARADISUM features love between child and parents.


BENEDICTUS uses the traditional Latin blessing interwoven with the following text translated into Zulu:


Dance as if no-one is watching, Sing as if no-one is listening,

Love as if you’ve never been hurt, Live each day as if in heaven on earth.

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