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James Venables

RTFL Cast (11)

Jamie is 13 years old and is in Grade 7 at St John’s Prep.  He loves listening to a variety of types of music and plays the violin and the electric guitar.

Jamie is currently preparing for his Grade 5 ABRSM violin exam and he plays in the school Symphony Orchestra.  He sings in the Schola Cantorum and in the Senior Choir.

Jamie enjoys an audience, whether delivering a speech as part of the inter-school Chatterbox Festival, or acting on stage.  He is rehearsing for the school production of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” in which he plays Neville Longbottom.

Jamie has a great imagination and enjoys immersing himself in books or online skirmishes on his Playstation.  If he is not a professional musician when he is older, he thinks he might make an excellent professional gamer!

Ryan Hoffmann

RTFL Cast (13)

Ryan Hoffmann is thirteen years old. He is a pupil at St. John's Preparatory school, Johannesburg.

Ryan has been playing the violin for seven years and has passed the Grade 5 Trinity violin examination. He is a music monitor in the school choir and was awarded a 50 percent violin scholarship for St. John's College.


Earlier this year Ryan sang in J.S.Bach's Saint John Passion at Saint Mary's church and at Saint John's College.

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