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Music Enlightenment project

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Music Enlightenment Project (MEP), a section 21 non-profit organisation, is located on Juta Street in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. MEP provides extra-curricular music education to children from Braamfontein and the inner city of Johannesburg.

Through music education, MEP creates a platform for children (who would otherwise not have the opportunity) to develop musically, thereby enhancing their social, emotional and intellectual development, as well. We believe that essential life skills, such as patience, tolerance, understanding, acceptance, critical thinking and emotional intelligence, can be taught through the environments and interaction that music education provides.


These are skills that are integral to becoming a successful and well-rounded human being, regardless of the career paths one chooses. Our driving goal is to instil these skills and beliefs in the kids that come through MEP, as well as a love and appreciation for music, dance, expression and cultures of all forms. 

Not only has MEP benefitted the children of the communities in and around Braamfontein, but we have also provided job opportunities and invaluable career experience for musicians and student teachers alike.

We have grown incredibly in number and support since 2009, when we started with only 16 children. Today, 120 children are part of MEP. Those in the advanced program are encouraged to take graded music exams every year, that way ensuring their progress and giving them something to work towards.

Adeyemi Oladiran holds a Honors degree in Musicology, a Diploma in Music Education, Certificate in Orff Schulwerk Music Education. Passing through Wits, UNISA, Orff Level Courses in San Francisco and attending various workshops and conferences, he has gathered a wealth of invaluable experience in music education and music making. He plays the trombone, arranges and conducts pieces for ensembles. He is presently studying towards my Masters degree in composition at Wits University.


Adeyemi is very passionate about the social, economic and philosophical possibilities for transformation that arise through art education, community cohesion, youth development. He is a co-founder and curriculum director of the non-profit organisation Music Enlightenment Project which is aimed at the previously disadvantaged children and youths between the ages of 6 and 18 living in and around Johannesburg inner city. 

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