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Excerpts from the live performance

Excerpts from the live performance of Requiem for the Living on 28 August 2016 at ZK Matthews Hall UNISA, Pretoria. Conducted by Rick Muselaers with Horizons Project Choir and Gauteng Opera Chorus with soloists.

“Holy is the Heart of Love” excerpt from In Paradisum,

Excerpt “Tears, shimm’ring, glistening like rain across the earth” from Lacrymosa

Venda praise singer Sanctus 1

Extract “Hosanna” Sanctus 1

Whale song and ending, In Paradisum

French praise singer, Sanctus 1

Excerpt from Dies Irae

Excerpt from opening of Libera Me 1

Intro to Sanctus 2 with Hebrew and English

Chinese and Indian Sanctus 2

Hosanna and Halleluya Sanctus 2




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